Commercial Plumbing

The best in reliable, high-quality commercial services.

Horiz./Directional Boring

Advanced trenchless underground pipe installation.

Underground Utilities

Commercial, industrial & municipal underground utility services.

Backflow Prevention

Protecting water supplies from pollution & contamination.

Septic Systems

Efficient, regulation-compliant commercial septic system services.

HVAC Piping

Facility & process piping as well as HVAC piping installation.
We take pride in developing lasting relationships with general contractors and owners. Over the years, our employees have gained a wealth of experience that can be utilized on any construction project, regardless of size.

We are Pyles Plumbing & Utility Contractors, Inc. Headquartered in Macon, Georgia, we’ve been serving Georgia’s construction industry since 1964.

Our company is home to more than seventy employees, and we have the financial strength necessary for bonding large projects – yet Pyles Plumbing continues to be family owned and managed.

We believe it is the strength to handle any size commercial project and our commitment to excellent service that sets us apart from other plumbing contractors.

On time. Within budget. Quality service. These aren't just meaningless phrases – they are our commitments to every client and every project. Contact us to find out what we can do for you!