Our Company

Our company was founded in 1964 by Sydney Pyles as Sydney Pyles Plumbing & Heating Company, a full service plumbing company. Initially, our core business was plumbing repair service, as well as new commercial, residential, and industrial installations. As our customer base, management team, and field work force grew, it became apparent that our strength was primarily in the commercial construction area. By 1990, we had closed our plumbing repair and residential operations to concentrate on our core business, commercial plumbing installations. Our primary customer base was general contractors performing work throughout the state of Georgia.

In 1990, we began our venture into the underground utility field, installing water and sewer systems, primarily as a subcontractor. As we gained experience in this area, we began to develop relationships with another customer base – developers and municipalities throughout the state of Georgia. The underground utility field has been a success story for us, as our relationships with customers have thrived. In 2003, we changed our company name to Pyles Plumbing & Utility Contractors, Inc., to more accurately reflect our core businesses.

Our company continues to be family owned and led. Brent Pyles and Bryant Pyles have been active in management since 1980, and have served as President and Vice President, respectively, since 1994. Sydney Pyles remained active in the company until 1995, prior to his death in 2000. Byron Pyles is the first member of a third family generation to be active in the company, having joined our management team in 2005. Jack Pyles joined our management team in 2011 as a project manager.

We are thankful for our past successes, but are looking forward to serving new and existing customers for many years to come.

Pyles Plumbing & Utility Contractors is a proud member of the Georgia Utility Contractors Association and the Plumbing & Mechanical Association of Georgia.

Georgia Utility Contractors Association Plumbing & Mechanical Association of Georgia